The IT team at EBTCO is providing creative network design to ensure customers exact needs followed by a list of recommended hardware & software.

EBTCO Network Team includes Microsoft Certified Professional Engineers MCSE & CCNA that have excellent experience in designing & Implementing different LANs/WANs solutions. Installing and configuring routers, and access servers for the Intranet & Internet connectivity.


EBTCO offering the following Network Services:

  Cabling Connection & Design.
  Client-Server secured Networks installation & configuration.
  Shared internet connection servers installation & configuration.
  Mail servers installation & configuration.
  Conference servers installation & configuration.
  Documents workflow systems installation & configuration.
  Fax servers installation & configuration.

Passive Services :

  Riser Cable Distribution Systems
  Copper & Fiber Cabling
  Horizontal Cable & Wiring
  Low Voltage Cabling
  Sub Structure
  Mainframe Installation
  Telephone System Cutover Services
  Coax Cable Design & Installation
  ISP Material Acquisition
  Testing & Verification
  Backbone Distribution Systems
  Telecom Rooms
  Telecom Entrance Facilities & Termination
  Cable Management Systems










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