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If you're looking to host a Web site then most likely you already know what a Web site is. You might even have an idea of what you want your Web site to look like. What you might not know is whether or not you need your own domain name, where you might want to store your site, or what products & services you need as opposed to what's actually available. Our Web Hosting Guide is meant to help you make those decisions, not by taking our "Dear Ann Landers" advice, but by presenting the facts. It's very simple. We give you informative information so that you can make an educated decision without getting caught up in the "sale" of things.

What is a Domain name?

Essentially, a domain name is your Web address where people can find your site. Simple names work the best since they are easier to remember and to figure out.




For example, most Web addresses end in .com, .org or .net. If you are looking for cname, you can type in, or, or until you find it. Otherwise you might search through scores of online department stores wasting time you don't have. Domain names are also convenient as they can be used with eMail addresses such as


Do I need a Web Site?

If you own a business, manage a business or are self-employed the answer is YES! You need a Web site. Even non-profit organizations, professors and instructors benefit from having a Web site. Why? Because it is fast and convenient for consumers and researchers. The Web is no longer a trend. It is now a way of life. Even the shoppers who prefer to make their actual purchases off-line, first go to the Web and research their options before they buy.

Professors and Instructors used to have to wait for their articles, thesis papers and other material to be published in scholarly magazines before gaining credit or recognition for their work. Now they publish it online through the university Web site, or through scholarly ezines.

People with computers generally use the Web for everything. If people want to know the weather, they punch in their zip code and find it. They no longer wait for newscasts to announce the local weather. People get the information they want when they want it through the Web. And as long as they're out there looking for it, wouldn't you rather them find you, than your competitor?


What is a Web Host and how does it work?

A Web host is actually a Web server that stores your files for your Web site. These Web servers are costly and require technical expertise that most companies cannot afford to have, hire and maintain. Therefore, most businesses outsource their Web sites to other companies that will host their site for a fee. You are basically renting your Web site space and you do not have the headaches of maintaining the server.


Are there different Web servers I should be aware of?

Yes. The type of Web server your host provides will determine how many files you can upload due to available space. Some servers are slower than others and have limited connectivity and flexibility.

Shared Servers - Offers the ability of powerful, professionally managed servers with redundant connectivity at 99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring at a decent affordable cost compared to a dedicated server. Shared servers are excellent for small-scale e-Commerce businesses and static Web pages.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) - These servers are in private and protected areas on a shared server. They allow a client to share the expenses of hardware and network connections, but provide independent RAM and CPU. They offer a combination of dedicated server advantages at a lower economical price.

Dedicated Servers - Are fully devoted to the needs of one customer. Such advantages allow faster access to information, more flexibility for large databases and e-Commerce applications, and do not share RAM, disk space or connection routes. As a result, these servers provide a higher level of security, connectivity and scalability.

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