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" Shock treat your site into a new DIMENSION! "
" Let us record your favorite video or audio clips and streamline it throughout your site"

"Give your visitors a virtual tour, or a valuable video presentation"
"Virtual sales presentations, tours, greetings, and much more are available through EBTCO"

Today people expect digital quality sound, animation, and video, including high-resolution graphics. EBTCO can design and expedite projects of any various sizes and mixes of the new media. We'll evaluate your needs in relation to what you want and explore your options. Our fully featured multimedia






department is equipped to create and/or optimize your digital content to deliver top quality interactive applications.

In-house production includes:

  • Digital Imaging (scanning/creating/enhancing).
  • Animation (2D and 3D).
  • Video (production/editing/effects/digitizing/optimization).
  • Audio (production/editing/effects/digitizing/optimization).
  • EBTCO also has staff to aid you in developing your projects, including - writing/storyboarding/marketing.

Please contact design@ebtco.com, if you require immediate assistance.


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