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e-Commerce Design

The success of your Web site is our success. We at EBTCO provide professional Web design to make your business not only stand out within your selected industry, but have impact with state-of-the-art functionality.

We use a refined set of guidelines that guarantees
e-Commerce success. How do we know this? Through structured testing, a sound implementation system, and a background of repeated success. First, we collaborate with you on your ideas, goals, and objectives. This gives our designers a virtual


e-Commerce Design  
e-Commerce Strategy  



perspective of how you want your site to look and feel, and it also gives you a chance to be involved in the conceptual process.

We involve brainstorming sessions where we review the unique elements that would be effective for you and your business. We discuss the overall layout criteria such as color aspects and navigating styles.

Once the initial concept design is complete, our designers will begin the creation process by laying out samples implementing the agreed upon elements. From these layouts, your feedback will allow us to finish the final layout design.

Next, our technical experts analyze the matrix of your product, by considering the various product attributes of size, color, stitch count, accessories, and so forth. This phase provides us the ability to determine your database requirements such as how you will use and maintain the database. We look at the possibilities of either a data file upload or a browser-based system utilizing administration forms of the Web store manager. EBTCO will also devise the process in which orders will be transmitted back to you.

Our creative designers and technical experts work as a collaborative team in merging the layout designs with the necessary data and e-Commerce backend programming to achieve your ultimate dream site.

Please contact design@ebtco.com, if you require immediate assistance.

Call us for information and solutions at
966 11 278 0608
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