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Your business is different! We realize that some of our design packages
may not include a specialized feature or element that is very necessary and vital to your particular business. That's why we've designed the Custom.

Design Center (CDC) as another creative and professional option where we at EBTCO can provide tailored design services just for you.

Currently, you can get started on this service by sending eMail to  design@ebtco.com
Based on the information you provide in this eMail, we will prepare a proposal which may be adjusted if




needed. Soon we will enhance our service through our new "DeZWizard". DeZWizard is a very interactive session, consisting of a series of pages with questions designed to better help us understand your needs and your wants. You'll receive an online estimate and professional solutions.

DeZWizard will ask you questions that our web designers ask to determine the cost of development. With DeZWizard, you can modify your web site features to find the right web site at the right price. DeZWizard is FREE to use! EBTCO intends to facilitate the best services possible.


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