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One of the best and effective advertising techniques is through enticing and informative brochures. A brochure is better than a campaign letter, because it can have product photos and service images that make your customers imagine what it would be like to have your products. They have an image to go with your description.

Brochures can be cheaper to direct mail if they are designed as self-mailers. No longer are you limited to only printed brochures. Many companies are now providing online brochures through html or pdf files through eMail or on their Web sites.




Brochures Design  





Depending you’re your needs, the type of information you want to convey, and your target audience, the design of your brochure could vary from desktop publishing to a more sophisticated 4-color, glossy print with bleed effects. You could opt to provide further information and go with a larger size paper with 4-panels at 8 ˝" by 14" or a fold down with 12 panels at 11" by 17", similar to the theme park brochures.

With more businesses combining their online and offline advertisements, many prefer printed flyers and brochures to match the concept and layout scheme of their Web site. At EBTCO, your choices are unlimited, the quality superb, and the service beyond expectation.

Please contact design@ebtco.com, if you require immediate assistance.


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