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EBTCO has high competency and core experience in providing different business solutions for government, educational, healthcare and other sectors while maintaining utmost level of quality for successful implementation.

Since we are always looking at providing the best innovative solutions to our customers, our professional staff are constantly exploring, researching, evaluating and implementing latest technologies.



We at EBTCO employ the latest in technology, and are constantly trying new things and improving our methods as a part of our quality assurance process. Today EBTCO is working in several areas including but not limited to the following:


Today Biometrics becomes very important topic in different sectors to provide better security and enhance productivity.

EBTCO uses the latest biometrics technologies to ensure that we offer the ultimate strongest solution for security, accuracy and performance. Our latest development is focused on facial recognition and the multimodel fingerprint/fingervein sensor.

Vision Based devices:

EBTCO only provide and recommend devices that are used mostly by modern technologies which will meet our client’s goals and make their work smarter, profitable and more efficient.

For IP/CCTV, we provide the latest technologies with networking and HD/Megapixel cameras used for different applications which are the ultimate solution for security surveillances. We are eager to provide superior images quality by using latest image sensor technologies in today’s world.

For ID card printers, we offer and use complex & strong technologies that allow printing high quality badges. The clients can set different user permissions, direct communication with different type of databases, supporting all windows fonts and provide front and back print management systems.

In addition, we use the latest tools in development of our new line of products using RTOS and Android for the next generation of access control and time attendance systems. This involves heavy software development using the latest leading tools and plug-ins.

Read more about our software development to better understand our capabilities but feel free to contact us via eMail at it@ebtco.com  for further questions.



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