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EBTCO provide professional IT and business services by offering unique solutions. Becoming a partner with EBTCO will shorten the way to provide distinctive, high-quality services to your clients.

Working with us makes you reach your goals easily and add values to your marketing and business. Our professional team and business understanding provide a broad range of services that enables the creation of a long-term relationship starting from advising and consulting to training your staff by skilled professional persons.



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While maintaining a high-level of quality services, EBTCO offers a wide range of services within the following sections in Web site hosting, Products & Services and Solutions for its reseller partners. Through our programs, you can provide world-class IT solutions & up-scale leading-edge technologies to your customers. We, at EBTCO, are committed to the success of our reseller and affiliate partners since we depend on God then you to succeed ourselves.

As your business grows and you need more products, EBTCO services will begin discounting these products to meet the demands of its resellers. Discounts are available to those resellers who are proven to have the desire, ability, and time for marketing and promoting their own business by leveraging our top-of-the-line infrastructures and technologies.

Because you are responsible for marketing, billing and supporting your clients at most, a large percentage of the offered system cost can be discounted, providing a more potential profit margin for growing your business. Discounts are based on volumes. The more the volume goes up the more the discount percentage goes up in most cases.

Because we give such steep volume discounts, we will not bill your clientele separately. EBTCO Billing Department will bill you directly; in turn, you will need to bill your clients. As a result, our identity is not visible to your clients at most.



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