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EBTCO is IT consulting company that creates its successes by providing unique, reliable, dedicative e-solutions for different government, business sectors and other industries.

We combine the strength of our professional staff and our business understanding to create value and reach out clients’ goals by using latest technologies and developing intelligent systems.

EBTCO has strategic alliances with Microsoft, SAGE, Morpho, and other leading-edge companies. It is our intention to provide investors and analysts with useful and current information regarding our company. We invite you to visit our site often as information is regularly updated.

EBTCO started to develop a new line of access control and time attendance products based on past thorough experience in the field. Our first launched product can be seen here. We are planning to develop high quality, cost effective and reliable solutions to our customers. This includes biometrics devices and software management to mobile applications.

Comprehensive investor information is available upon request. If you would like to receive an Investor Package by postal mail or receive future media releases, please eMail us at investors@ebtco.com.


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