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EBTCO is able to provide superior technology products and services as a world industry leader because of the excellent support and talent of its employees. In fact, one of most important pillars of our strength is our professional staff. We are Practitioners rather than philosophers.

We think of our employees as company assets and future investments, not burdensome overhead costs. We treat our employees as members of the EBTCO family, not as paid gatekeepers to our facility resources and computer server systems.



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We always strive to develop our employees’ knowledge and train them intensively in order to enhance their career growth. In return, we expect them to add special and unique values to us.

At EBTCO we work as one team and we always care to provide a healthy working environment full of comfort and reassurance to our people.

If you are looking for a challenging, innovative career that will propel you toward the future of new and vast technologies, then consider EBTCO. We are rapidly expanding on an international, global scale, creating a motivated environment for advancement and great training opportunities. In short, we are going places.

To learn more about employment at EBTCO, send your inquiry and/or resume to careers@ebtco.com .


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