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Emerging Business Technologies Company (EBTCO) is headquartered in Riyadh with global offices in Bahrain, Egypt & Turkey and strong allies in USA, Europe, Dubai & other countries around the world. We have been in business for years, providing services in real time to global consumer, government, healthcare and educational clients.

Our practiced discipline of teamwork and caring have brought us forward through rapid growth and quality success. We don't just strive to solve problems as soon as they arise, we care about the consequences and repercussions if we fail. EBTCO understands that striving is not enough and that we must comprehend and care about what we are striving for. This concept awareness has been the heart of our success.

To expand even further our available services and packages, EBTCO has teamed with Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Sage and Morpho. Such strategic alliances have enabled EBTCO to build a Network upon the foundation of other established multimillion-dollar companies, giving us immediate credibility and stability without having to heavily invest in a ground building infrastructure


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