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The IT professionals at EBTCO are comprised of highly talented and skilled Individuals, with numerous professional degrees ranging from Ph. D, CPA, CA, MIS, MCP, Security+, CQM and PMP just to name a few. Additionally, these individuals hold key benefits that can't be purchased through a university or streamlined through training classes.

Many of them have real life experience and true creativity that contributes to their successful careers and our success as an organization. We are proud to have them as members of our professional team, and more importantly, eager to share their brilliance and cultivated talents with you as our client or partner.

Our team is the:
  Best because we are innovative.
  Unique, because we care.
  Dedicated because we have integrity.
  Professional, by choice.

At EBTCO you'll receive results through competent solutions, and nothing less!

For more information about the EBTCO team, contact us.


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